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Yummy! :)

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Przypadkowo trafiłam na tę stronę, ale jest bardzo ciekawa! Zobaczcie jak życie polskiej emigracji toczy się poza Banderą i Panną Marią.

Poniżej słowo wstępna James'a Smock'a, który tę stronę prowadzi.


A very interesting website I found on-line almost by accident :) But it's so cool to look how Polish Texans's every-day-life look like in another places then Bandera or Panna Maria. Below welcome section of this page:

Welcome to the Polish Texans website, your source of information on the history, culture, news, current events and genealogy of the Poles who call Texas home. This site is dedicated to the brave Polish men and women who left their ancestral homes in Europe and settled in a new land, the Lone Star state of Texas. These early immigrants settled in the Texas communities of Panna Maria, Anderson, Yorktown, Stoneham, Brenham, Bremond, Chappell Hill, New Waverly, San Antonio, Houston and others. (...)

Polish Texans website consists of two distinct sections, the main section contains articles, news, current events, photographs and links. The news and current events sections not only covers events in the old Polish settlements of Texas but also the many events held by the immigrants that have more recently come from Poland. (...)

Contributions in the form of articles, genealogy data, documents and photographs are greatly appreciated.

James Smock
Editor and Webmaster

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Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Sławięcic w ramachcyklu "Spotkania w kręgu" zaprasza na wieczór z ks. dr Franciszkiem Kurzajem oraz grupą Teksańczyków, potomków emigrantów ze Śląska do Ameryki w XIX w.
Spotkanie odbędzie się w sali konferencyjnej Villa Vanilla na osiedlu Sławięcice dnia 28 listopada o godz. 18.00 .

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I’m taking part in Polish-Czech competition for journalist „PL-CZ Local Press Awards”. If you want to vote for my texts (and I hope you want!) please go on this website:

Find articles with my name (Agnieszka Pospiszyl), click on this article and then vote – click on the yellow button on the left side of title (got number of votes and „głosuj” – „vote” in polish).

You can vote for as many articles as you want.

Thanks a lot for your support :)


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Historical ceremony on the occasion of Polish Independence Day, 11.11.2011, St. Ann Mountain (Góra św. Anny).

Historical ceremony prepared by members of "Polish Legion in Italy Historical Association" in Nysa. They use copies of military costumes and equipment of the Napoleon Bonaparte time.

Pictures by Błażej Duk.

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piątek, 11 listopada 2011

National Independence Day - Narodowe Święto Niepodległości, Poland

National Independence Day (Polish: Narodowe Święto Niepodległości) is a public holiday in Poland celebrated every year on 11 November to commemorate the anniversary of Poland's assumption of independent statehood in 1918 after 123 years of partition by Russia, Prussia and Austria.

In Strzelce Opolskie we had a special service and after officials, policeman, fireman, prosin guards, foresters and civilians paid tribute to those who give their lives for our freedom. The ceremony was in front of "Pieta Śląska" monument.

Veterans Day, Texas, USA

This info I found on facebbok, on 11th Street Bar profile and for me personaly it said everything what is the most important in this day to Americans:

Remeber that this Friday is Veteran's Day. Please don't think of this day as a day off from work. Remember its real meaning and thank those in the military and those that have served... Friday night at 11th Street at 6pm, some folks are inviting veterans for hot dogs and to honor them with with "Thank You for Your Service" coins.  Saturday Bandera Honors Veterans will host a ceremony at 11 AM, parade at noon, & lunch at 1pm at the American Legion. Western Heritage Cowboy Church also doing lunch on Sat with the proceeds going to help the wounded. Celebrate ur freedom by celebrating those that have protected it.


And wishes from Bruce:

Dear Polish Friends!

I want to express to you and your family warmest wishes as you celebrate your National Independence Day - "Narodowe Święto Niepodległości" as we celebrate our National Holiday - "Veterans Day, both on November 11, 2011!"  My thoughts and prayers are with you always! :)

Your Texas Friend


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Congratulations to Taylor Brzezinski who passed her Texas Bar Exam! :)

Gratulacje dla Taylor Brzezinski, która zdała Texas Bar Exam i jest prokuratorem :)


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October 29, 2011. The Bandera County Historical Commission sponsors historic panoramic photo session for descendants of old settlers, officials, cowboys and cowgirls, and other long time residents in Bandera County.   Photo session coordinator, Elenora Dugosh Goodley, said the photo session was a huge success and that 111 people showed up to be in photo.

Photo by: Steve Skipper

Historical Commission Chairman Roy Dugosh, Bandera County Judge Richard A. Evans, and Commissioners Richard Keese and  Doug King were present to welcome everyone.  The Bandera County mounted posse also showed up to be in the photo.  The Bandera County Historical Commission will sponsor a photo session every two years.  The next photo is scheduled in 2013, the second Saturday in October.


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A Polish Airlines plane has made an emergency landing at Warsaw Airport, after its landing gear failed. 


Watch the mowie here:

Captain Tadeuesz Wrona, the pilot who landed a Boeing 767 carrying 231 people at Warsaw airport after its landing gear failed, has said any pilot would have done the same.

The plane, which was travelling from the US city of Newark, in New Jersey, landed on its belly without its wheels.

It had circled above the Polish city for over an hour burning up fuel as the airport was prepared for the crash landing.

Captain Wrona has been praised for managing to land the plane but told reporters "it is too much saying I am a national hero".

Watch here:

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