wtorek, 23 kwietnia 2013

Strzelce Opolskie

Płużnica Wielka


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The Land of Free from Kuba Pietrzak on Vimeo.


The Land of Free

Short doc- a prologue to a full time documentary. A story of human values, lonesome heritage and lovely people from Texas. People whose ancestors came to the Land of Free in mid 1900s. What do they feel about their Polish legacy? What does their everyday life look like? What are their sorrows, doubts and joys?

This short was made entirely on Canon 7D with just two lenses (70-200mmm and a 24-70mm). It took no longer than 5 hours on both locations - Bremond and Chappell Hill.


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poniedziałek, 22 kwietnia 2013

Last Saturday (20th of April) Piotr Smykała also known as Peter Ponytail received Laur Ziemi Strzeleckiej. This award is for his hard work to discover local history. He's author of several books, a lot of articles and leaflets. He's also focused on history of polish emigrants who moved to Texas 160 years ago.



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czwartek, 11 kwietnia 2013

Teresa Smoleń passed away. She was a head of City Council in Strzelce Opolskie between 2006 and 2010.


Letters from Texas



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wtorek, 02 kwietnia 2013

This Easter was cold... winter is back in Poland. We have a lot of snow and... easter bunnies had a problems to get everywhere. But those, who arrived on time, were specials.

Pictures of 3 easter bunnies from villages near Strzelce: Zalesie Śląskie, Szymiszów and Krośnica.

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