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President Barack Obama has caused an outcry in Poland after referring to a Nazi death camp as "Polish".

He made the remark at a ceremony in which he posthumously awarded Polish resistance fighter Jan Karski with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The White House says Mr Obama "misspoke" and regrets the comment but prominent Poles want an apology.

Poles suffered a brutal Nazi wartime occupation and reject any suggestion of responsibility for Nazi crimes.

Poles are particularly sensitive to comments linking their country to the Holocaust.

For years, they have objected to any description of Nazi German death camps as "Polish" because it can indicate involvement in the mass murder of millions of European Jews in camps built on their land.

Apology demanded

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk stopped short of calling for an apology but said he wanted to see more than an expression of regret.

"I am convinced that today our American friends are capable of a stronger reaction... than just the correction itself and the regret which we heard from the White House spokesperson," Mr Tusk said in a statement.

But Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski was more forthright. "The White House will apologise for the outrageous mistake," he tweeted.

At the Medal of Freedom ceremony, President Obama spoke of Mr Karski's efforts to draw attention to Nazi crimes in Poland.

Mr Karski had travelled first to London and then to the US to tell wartime President Franklin Roosevelt what he had witnessed.

"Before one trip across enemy lines, resistance fighters told him that Jews were being murdered on a massive scale, and smuggled him into the Warsaw Ghetto and a Polish death camp to see for himself," President Obama said.

Jan Karski later taught at Georgetown University and died in Washington aged 86 in 2000.

Almost six million Poles died in World War II. More than half were Jews, many of them killed in Nazi death camps including the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.

Some 1.1 million people were killed at Auschwitz, including 300,000 Polish Jews.

Polish diplomats and overseas organisations have campaigned to stop the use of the phrase "Polish death camps" as a shorthand description of Auschwitz or Treblinka, the BBC's Warsaw correspondent Adam Easton reports.

"We should use this huge gaffe to make sure nobody, nowhere in the world, ever says that again," Polish Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa said.


Letter send by Barack Obama to President of Poland

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środa, 30 maja 2012

Click on link to watch the movie about Robert Piątek, forester who love irisis.



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środa, 23 maja 2012

Fire destroys old Bandera Hotel on Main Street. A early morning fire started in an old hotel, known earlier as the Frontier Hotel, on Sunday, May 20th around 2:00 A.M. The Bandera City Volunteer Fire department were called upon to put out a fire that started on the second floor of the largest hotel located in the city. The Frontier Hotel was built some time in the 1940s and has served the city for many years. It had been closed for some time and was targeted by the city to be demolished. 
The Purple Cow Bar / Frontier Hotel in Bandera started burning early this morning. Fire departments from as far as Kerrville responded. It's basically toast. A lot of folks have memories of The Purple Cow. 





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By James Henry Frazar
The Bandera Economic Development Commission voted to approve $3,400 for the Bandera County Sister Partnership Association to spend on expenses for the anticipated 2012 Strzelce Opolskie, Poland and Tysmenytsia Ukraine visits.
Commission member Binky Archer was the lone opposition to the plan presented by BCSPA president Elenora Dugosh Goodley.
This was the second time the request was made to the EDC. The Bandera City Council earlier this year denied the money for the semi-annual visit by dignitaries from Bandera's ancestral home.
Goodley said her committee was asked to create a new proposal. The proposal will keep all activities within the city. They also dropped the gala that the council had previously objected to.
“We will show them our businesses,” Goodley said. “Our industry is tourism.”
According to the funds request document Goodley gave to council, the welcome ceremony will be held at city hall and they will present Cowboy Capital of the World cowboy hats to 20 of the visitors.
“They wear them the whole time they are here,” Goodley said.
Since cowboy hats are the insignia of the Cowboy Capital of the World, the visitors will end up promoting Bandera back home in Poland.
“They wear them back home,” Goodley said about previous gifts.

Other planned expenses include transportation, tours, events, food and refreshments at local restaurants. This includes shopping at local businesses, touring agricultural, farming and ranch facilities, horseback rides, saddle making and leather art, local crafts, country western art, and trips to the Frontier Times Museum as well as tours of the Old Jail and the Bandera County Courthouse. Estimated costs are $1,400.
Expenses for the Cowboy Capital of the World award presentation ceremony are $900.
Accommodations and transportation (and any needed security) for distinguished guests from Poland, Opole, such as Governor and Director of International Affairs at a local bed and breakfast are budgeted at $600.
Archer said council objected to the entertainment and gifts in the budget and that's why council wanted a new proposal.
“EDC funds should not be spent on gifts and entertainment,”  Archer said.
She said she didn't see how the city benefited from the proposed expenses.
Archer noted that the proposal did add lodging, but not much else had changed.
“It's basically the same proposal,” Archer said.
“This proposal won't pass council as it's presented,” Archer said.
No one else on the EDC board voiced support for Archer's objections.
Commission member Don Clark moved to approve Dugosh's proposal and then Charlie Fellows immediately seconded.
The quickness of the action did not stop the discussion however.
Council member Nancy Montgomery, who was in the audience, spoke for the proposal. She said the Polish project builds ties between Bandera and Poland.
“They look over our farms,” Montgomery said. “We show them the buildings we've preserved.”
She said this was an economic development project that the EDC previously approved. “They bring tourism.”
Despite all the words, the vote was 4-1.




EDC approves Polish program again


By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

The Bandera Economic Development Corporation once again approved a grant of $3,400 to the Polish Sister City/County Partnership during a called meeting held Thursday, May 10 at city hall.

The EDC board had previously approved the grant requested by Elenora Dugosh Goodley, head of the partnership program. When the grant request was submitted to Bandera City Council, which has final approval on EDC expenditures, the council rejected the request. Goodley was asked by City Council to re-submit the appeal, making clear how each item in the request would impact economic development in Bandera.

Goodley has always contended that the partnership, which organizes trips to Europe for groups of people from Bandera and hosts groups from Europe who visit Bandera in turn, boosts the local tourist industry.

Projects that support tourism are legally acceptable recipients of EDC monies, which come from locally collected sales taxes.

City Councilman Binky Archer, who also serves on the EDC board, was most vocal in her opposition to accepting the three grand request. "EDC funds should not be spent on gifts and entertainment or lodging," said Archer.

Goodley responded that the gifts include white cowboy hats which the tour groups wear everywhere they go in Texas and when they return to Europe. "People ask them about the hats and they tell them about Bandera," said Goodley. Funds for lodging will be used to house a state governor who will be part of this year's visiting group.

EDC board member Don Clark said he was under the impression the board had already approved the grant and saw no reason to debate it again.

Member Joe Hearn said, "We're playing with words. We knew when she (Goodley) first presented the request where [the money] was going."

Archer maintained that she would like the request to have been more specific about the economic impact of each item in the request.

The vote was four to one to approve Goodley's request, with Archer the lone nay vote. Board member Vona Dyer was not present.

The election of new officers was not on the called meeting's agenda, although all of the Bandera EDC's officers are currently serving beyond the legal limit of one 3-year-term set by state EDC rules and regulations.


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wtorek, 22 maja 2012

Polska OK

Nowoczesna, przyjazna, otwarta. Atrakcyjna dla cudzoziemców, których coraz więcej chce tutaj mieszkać. Taka jest Polska. Nie w naszych marzeniach i nie w spotach promocyjnych rządzącej partii, ale na co dzień.

Tygodnik WPROST od blisko 30 lat był i jest krytycznym recenzentem polskiej rzeczywistości. I takim pozostanie. Ale krytyka może być też twórcza. Może pokazywać to, co się udało osiągnąć dobrego. Przez te 30 lat byliśmy świadkami wielu pozytywnych zmian i wydarzeń, które tworzyły lepszą Polskę. Polska Anno Domini 2012 jest tak różna od Polski w roku 1982, a nawet od Polski w roku 1992 czy 2002, że należy zmianę tę zauważyć i pokazać Polakom, że mają z czego być dumni i że Polska jest OK!

Dlatego właśnie rozpoczynamy akcję POLSKA OK! która ma nam przypomnieć, że nasza rzeczywistość to nie tylko korki, rozkopane drogi czy przerośnięta biurokracja.

Nasza akcja ma promować pozytywne przykłady i Polskę jako kraj, w którym warto mieszkać, pracować, warto wiązać z nim swoją przyszłość.

Nieprzypadkowo rozpoczynamy naszą akcję pokazywania dobrych stron Polski pod koniec maja, w przededniu EURO. To historyczny moment. Takiej szansy promocji naszego kraju nie mieliśmy nigdy w naszej historii i w najbliższym czasie długo mieć nie będziemy. Nie zmarnujmy jej. Za kilkanaście dni do Polski przyjedzie kilkaset tysięcy turystów – kibiców, ale i ludzi biznesu, kultury i sztuki. To od nas zależy, jakie wrażenia wywiozą po turnieju. Mówiąc im, że Polska jest OK!, pokażmy im uśmiechniętą twarz i najlepsze strony naszego kraju.

Polska OK! to także akcja, którą chcemy pokazać, że istnieje w naszym kraju coś takiego, jak nowoczesny patriotyzm. Patriotyzm, dzięki któremu Polska się rozwija, unowocześnia i zmienia.

W tym tygodniu WPROST inauguruje również cykl publikacji pod wspólnym hasłem „Polska OK!”, w której Polacy i cudzoziemcy mieszkający w Polsce opowiedzą, czy rzeczywiście i dlaczego Polska jest OK. Publikacje opatrzone logo „Polska OK!” przeczytacie na tej stronie oraz w serwisie

Startujemy przed EURO. Ale chcemy, aby znaczek uśmiechniętej buźki w barwach narodowych z napisem „Polska OK!” towarzyszył nam nie tylko na czas turnieju. Chcemy, żeby Polska była OK na co dzień.

Zapraszamy Was, zapraszamy czytelników WPROST i internautów do budowania wspólnie z nami wizerunku nowoczesnej, przyjaznej, atrakcyjnej Polski.

Zapraszamy do przyłączenia się do akcji „Polska OK!” również inne media, serwisy internetowe, blogerów.


Weź udział w konkursie i wygraj bilety na Euro!

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piątek, 18 maja 2012

Karolina Bula

18-year-old student, female
I can say I smatter English- I’m not so advanced but I hope I’ll have no serious communication problems. I’m sorry for any bigger mistakes. I believe those smaller are quite acceptable :D
I like to wander (in any meaning of this word)- the picture above shows me somewhere in Tatry. Since I love horses I’ve always wanted to get myself into some kind of horseback riding trip, but so far I’ve never managed to. My riding skills aren’t stunning, but I can handle a horse and it is fun for me- I guess it’s the sense of riding.
Reading books, listening to music, drawing/painting, hanging out with friends, watching good movies- I’m rather average about spending my time.
One of my favorite writers is Terry Pratchett with his literally UNLIMITED imagination and his “silver tongue”. His whole “Discworld” is simply amazing. If speaking of single books, I guess my favorite ones are “Pride and Prejudice”, “The Godfather” and “Master and Margarita”- these are the ones I often come back to.
In case of music, I’m rather flexible. If it has good lyrics, touching melody or is funny- it’s okay. Some would say I’m not very particular, but it is the matter of taste.
Drawing is one of my favorite things to do- it helps me to get focused, it makes me calmer and glad to create something pleasant for my eyes.
I can say I enjoy almost every work of Tim Burton or Quentin Tarantino. So mainstream ;) But they are simply good, the best at their job.
The photo shows me drinking hot chocolate LIKE A SIR.

Magdalena Dimitrowa and Regina Krawiec-Dimitrowa

Hi! I'm Regina. I'm 52 years old and I live in Strzelce Opolskie. I work in kindergarten as a teacher, what is my passion. I love skiing, books and music. I have a cat called “Czarunia”, which means in polish “glamorous look”. Magdalena is my daughter - we both love to swim. This will be my first trip to USA. So, see you in Texas!

Hi! I'm Magda Dimitrowa. I live with my parents in Strzelce Opolskie. I study law at University of Silesia. In the future I’d like to be a judge or solicitor. In my free time I love to dance and read books. I like sports - especially ride a horse, but I'm a beginner. In my spare time I dance flamenco. I'm really glad to meet you and see Texas, Bandera.


Danuta and Stanisław Foryt

Danuta (Danka) is 44 y.o., she is the Honorable Council Woman of Strzelce Opolskie borough. She is a manager and helps her husband, Staszek, to lead his company. In her free time she likes travel and meet new people. She loves skiing, good cook and parties with friends.
Stanisław (Staszek) is 48 y.o., is businessman, owner of few shops with clothes and sport shoes. He likes motorization. (fast cars) and he's great sport fan. He likes cinder-track racings and soccer. He plays volleyball, skiing and biking.
Danuta and Staszek got 2 sons. Bartek just finished his studies - managment studies – and one year ago he started his own bussines. Wojtek this june will pass his master egazams (social communication), in his free time he helps his brother run his bussines.
We’re looking forward to another visit in Texas and mee all our friends there!

Artur Glinka

My name is Artur Glinka. I live in Rozmierz. I finished in 2011 a theological studies in Opole and I have gotten the title of Master. Actually I leading a small multiple shop in the Village – Szymiszów, where I can show off my passion-flowers. I love them to create beautiful compositions for different occasions. In my free time-I don’t have too much, I spend in an Amateur Theater Group in Rozmierz. I performed on the stage in many productions exhibited in our country club. I am socially engage in Rozmierz: I am the chef of an association of villages and protection of cultural heritage in Rozmierz and I’m a choirboy. I like to travel and visit new interesting places. I was in many countries, but Rozmierz is my home and I feel me here best. I hope that Texas is an interesting and beautiful place to visit in this Summer. I’m glad that I can visit Your country.

Ewa, Józef and Iga Jatowicz

Iga Jatowicz is a teenage girl and goes to Hight School in Strzelce Opolskie. She is very involved in community activities. Iga loves singing and acting. She likes to listen to rock music, but different music doesn't bother her too. Sports that she likes are volleyball, football, tennis and swimming. She likes painting and doing ornaments. She likes taking photos.
Eve Jatowicz works as a nurse in Opole. She likes doing ornaments and she's good at it. She likes reading books. Sports that she likes are swimming, hiking, cycling. She loves to explore the sights.
Józef works as a teacher in the Center of Youth Culture. He gets along well with young people. Józek likes sports like football, volleyball. He is interested in aviation. He likes to organize cultural events. He likes hiking and exploring the sights. He likes listening to a good music and watching good films.

Arkadiusz Kinder

38 y.o., lives in Grodzisko in Strzelce Opolskie County. Married, father of 2 doughters (Wiktoria 5 y.o. and Amalia 8 y.o.). In 2005 started a small bussines in metal indystry. Now he employ 15 people and produce non-rusting handrails. We wons a lot pf prices for his product, for example „The best Product of Strzelce Opolskie County Award”. He’s also very active for his local community. Member of Grodzisko’ community court, supprot also voluntering fire department in his city. He loves good book, cars, water sports and good comedy. He plays in local cabaret in Grodzisko.

Father Andrzej Kowolik

Father Andrzej Kowolik (59 y.o.) is rector of St. Michael Parish Church in Rozmierz. His effectuation was in Nysa in Opole region in 1978 by bishop Alfons Nossol. After that he worked as a priest in Racibórz, Pyskowice and after 1985 till now in Rozmierz.

Kordian Makowiecki

Hi, my name is Kordian Makowiecki, I was born on 13th of September 1998 in Strzelce Opolskie. Currently I go to the Public School no. 1. I describe myslef as a happy and easy going person. I have a great sense of humor, which is not always appropriate in a given time and situation. I'm down to earth and realistic. I'm not afraid of new challenges and tasks. My biggest advantage is that I have an optimistic attitude to life. I do not see any negative features of mine, although my brother thinks that I have two left hands to work and that I'm terribly talkative. Of course this is not true. I consider myself a valuable man, who can be liked by others. I hope no one will feel disappointed of me.

Ryszard Makowiecki

My name`s Ryszard Makowiecki. I`m 47 years old. I have three children - one daughter - she`s 2 years old and her name`s Dalia and two sons. One of them is coming to Bandera with me. His name`s Kordian and he is 14 years old. My second son Sergiusz  was in Bandera two years ago. He is 16 years old. My wife Lena is from Ukraine. She is a business woman.
We live in a very small village called Ligota Dolna near Strzelce Op. We have a big residence which next year will be hosting Friends from Bandera.
I`m the president of the company that organizes business fairs.
I`m also the organizer and juror in the Beauty Contest '' Miss Polonia ”.
My passion is travelling. I have visited over 20 countries on the world.
My hobby are antiques, especially art of the Far East.
My problem is poor English language, but now I study it intensely.

Józef Pospiszyl

My name is Józef. I am 18 y.o. and go to High School in Strzelce Opolskie. My family is quite big. I got 3 older brothers and 1 sister
(I'm the youngest one). My parents got a cherry orchard. My hobby is car racing and basketball. Last summer together with my parents we were hosting Triston Adamson. I'm looking forward to visit Texas!


Piotr Smykała "Ponytail"

47 y.o., married to Małgorzata Smykała, 2 kids – 15 y.o. son – Szymon and 12 y.o. daughter – Barbara. Lives in Rozmierka.
Piotr works in security department. His biggest hobby is local history. Author of several books, articles printed in local and regional newspapers. Winner of several local, regional and national prices and awards.
Involved in Strzelce Opolskie – Bandera cooperation from the very beginning. He visited in Texas in 2008 and 2010.
Hobby – Harley Davidson motorbikes and culture of native Americans.

Sandra Willim


Hello, My name is Sandra and I am 23 years old. At the moment I’m  study in the beautiful city- Poznań on the third year in the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry. In two month’s I’ll have my Bachelor exam and I’m very nervous about them, because the exam is very important to me. I would like continue my studies for the next two years to earn a Master’s degree. I like to organize dinners, events-it’s a lot of work but I enjoy it and I like learn about new cultures, new countries and learn about their cuisines,  but I love my country (Silesia) and for me is Silesia the most important place. I have 3 older Sisters, and my Parents leads a very small farm. I’m very happy and also interested that I come to Texas.  My parents were in Texas and I know the country only at the stories and now I can meet him alone.


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6 maja uroczystą mszę świętą w kościele w Płużnicy odprawiło kilkunastu księży z okazji jubileuszu 50-lecia przyjęcia święceń kapłańskich przez ks. Stanisława Bobera.

Zaraz po święceniach 24 czerwca 1962 roku ks. Bober pełnił posługę w parafii w Łubnianach, następnie w latach 1965-1968 był wikarym w Zabrzu Mikulczycach, a przez kolejne 2 lata pełnił tę posługę w Grzędzinie. Pierwsze probostwo objął w 1970 roku w Dąbrówce Dolnej. Od 1984 roku pracuje w Płużnicy, najpierw przez rok jako administrator, a następnie - do chwili obecnej - jako proboszcz.


Pictures of special service in Pluznica celebrating father Stanislaw Bober's 50 years in Priesthood. Father Bober is rector of St. Stanislaus parish church in Płużnica.

ks. Bober (z prawej) z biskupem gliwickim / father Bober (on the right) with bishop of Gliwice

Goście składają życzenia / best wishes from the guests

Goście i zaproszeni księża / guests and prists

Życzenia od środowiska szkolnego / Wishes from school district

Życzenia od burmistrza Strzelec Opolskich Tadeusza Goca / Wishes from Tadeusz Goc, mayor of Strzelce Opolskie


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By Jessica Hawley-Jerome / Bandera Bulletin

Citing health reasons, City of Bandera Mayor Horst Pallaske  announced last week that he was stepping down from office. Pallaske told council members during their regular May 3 meeting that his resignation would be effective May 31.
Pallaske also announced that he was resigning as president of the Economic Development Corporation (EDC).
“I have enjoyed working for the city….I feel that I have fulfilled my duties…” Pallaske said.
Pallaske is in the midst of his second term as mayor of the city. He was first elected in May of 2008, and reelected in May of 2010. His term was set to expire in May of 2012, but the city election was moved last year by majority vote of the council to November.

Rezygnacja burmistrza Bandery

Z powodów zdrowotnych Horst Pallaske, burmistrz Bandery, ogłosił rezygnację z zajmowanego stanowiska. Poinformował o tym w czasie sesji 3 maja dodając jednocześnie, że będzie pełnił swoją funkcję do 31 maja.

Pallaske ogłosił jednocześnie, że rezygnuje również z przewodzenia stowarzyszeniu rozwoju ekonomicznego (EDC).

- Praca na rzecz tego miasta sprawiała mi wielką satysfakcję. Czuję, że wypełniłem swoją powinność względem mieszkańców – powiedział.

Radni musieli zdecydować o przeprowadzeniu wyborów na to stanowisko. Odbędzie się to pod koniec listopada. Może się to odbyć na dwa sposoby – albo rada sama powoła kogoś na to stanowisko, albo w wolnych wyborach.

Pallaske jest w trakcie swojej drugiej kadencji jako burmistrz. Po raz pierwszy został wybrany w maju 2008 roku, a ponownie w maju 2010. Pracować jako burmistrz miał do końca listopada tego roku.

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Elaine Mazurek Stephens przysłała mi link do tekstu z gazety Wilson County News o wizycie przedstawiciela polskiej ambasady w Karnes City (miasto partnerskie Leśnicy). Niby nic wielkiego, ale gdy popatrzyłam na zdjęcie... Ten człowiek z ambasady to szwagier mojej bratowej :) Świat jednak jest mały.


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