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By James Henry Frazar

Many people came out to the Polly Chapel's ribbon cutting Monday, June 18. Among those included Bandera County Commissioner Bruce Eliker, left, Polly Texas Pioneer Association vice president Rudi Rodriquez, Bandera County Historical Committee chair Roy Dugosh, Polly Chapel Association secretary Anna Lunoff, Bandera County Chamber of Commerce executive administrator Leslie Lester, Polly Chapel Association chair Flo Hopkins, and local historian Elenora Dugosh Goodley. The association is raising money to replace the windows in the chapel.



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By James Henry Frazar

The Bandera Economic Development Commission public hearing on funding for the Polish/Ukrainian Sister City Project turned into a short meeting where Sister City ambassador Elenora Dugosh Goodley explained what the Polish visitors will be doing in Bandera for two weeks starting Aug. 22.

The four-minute meeting heard no opposition to the EDC's plan to fund the activities associated with the Sister City Partnership.

Goodley told commission members that the Polish delegation is especially interested in how houses are built in Bandera County and they will tour same. They are also interested in agriculture and will be taken to a farm and ranch. Goodley said the visitors want to see how a ranch operates.

“They want to know what kind of crops and how they are cultivated,” Goodley said.

They will also visit a dude ranch and will be taught how to saddle a horse.

The visitors will also visit the museum, the old courthouse and old jail.

Goodley said they will spend as much time within the city limits of Bandera as possible and visit the Celebrate Bandera festivities.

They do plan to go to Austin to visit the state capitol and meet Bandera's representatives there. They also plan to visit the iconic Alamo in San Antonio.

As far as the Ukraine visitors are concerned, their plans for a visit aren't made finalized. Those decisions are delayed because of attention on the Ukrainian parliamentarian elections and the European soccer matches.

The meeting was chaired by commission vice president Joe Hearn, since president Horst Pallaske has not been replaced. Members attending were Don Clark, Vonia Dyer and Binky Archer.

Linda James and Thomas C. Fellows were absent.



EDC hears Sister City report

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Reflecting a new effort to do things right, the Bandera Economic Development Corporation made sure it had a quorum present before holding a brief meeting last Monday evening, June 18.

Following the retirement of President Horst Pallaske last month, the EDC was convened under the leadership of Vice President Joe Hearn.

Present were members Don Clark, Vona Dyer and Binky Archer.

The board heard a follow-up report on the Polish Sister City/County Partnership from Elenora Dugosh Goodley, head of the partnership program. The EDC had previously approved a grant of $3,400 to the partnership to support its promotion of the city of Bandera.

Dugosh laid out the itinerary of a group of visitors from Poland who will be visiting Bandera County during the Celebrate Bandera festivities.

"The visitors are very interested in seeing how we build houses here," said Goodley, explaining that the group will get to see some home construction during their visit.

Their interest in American agriculture will hopefully be satisfied with tours of working farms, ranches and dude ranches.

There will also be a dinner for the group in Bandera.

"We have set aside more personal time for shopping and for them to enjoy Celebrate Bandera," Goodley added.

The only highlights of the visit that take place outside of Bandera County include a trip to Austin and the State Capitol, and a visit to the Alamo in San Antonio.

"We're doing our best to economically benefit Bandera," said Goodley, adding that the Sister City/County Partnership program was grateful for the grant provided by the EDC.

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W  Izbie Tradycji 7 czerwca odbyło się spotkanie osób, które w tym roku lecą odwiedzić Texas, Bandera (USA). Celem spotkania bylo zapoznanie sie z historia partnerstwa pomiędzy miastami Bandera - Strzelce Op. Uczestnicy tej podrózy "na koniec świata" mogli się także zapoznać z eksponatami, pamiątkami i zdjęciami z wizyt w Texasie, jak i pobytu gości zza oceanu w Rozmierzy i Strzelcach Opolskich. Została też bliżej przedstawiona sylwetka osoby Elenory Dugosh-Goodley.
Z naszej wioski na wymiane jedzie trójka wysłanników. Są to: Artur Glinka, Sandra Willim oraz nasz Ksiądz proboszcz Andrzej Kowolik.


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Citizens of Strzelce Opolskie support polish soccer team during European Chempionship. Watching movie in the special tent in city park.


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For many years now the Father Leopold Moczygemba Foundation has hosted the Polish Booth at the Texas Folklife Festival. Volunteers serve the delicious kielbasa (Polish Sausage) and pierogi. Today is the last day, so hurry to Hemisfair Plaza for some yummy Polish food and fun! Jun. 10, 2012.

Pictures by Elaine Mazurek Stephens

Animate Mazurek with her Mom and brother Michael Mazurek

Warren Kolenda, Dorothy Pawelek, Genny Kraus, one of the Polish Dancers of San Antonio. Genny has been a dancer at the Folklife Festival for many decades!!

Animate Mazurek & Elaine Mazurek Stephens

Our visiting friends from Poland dropped by! Most of them are from the Katowice area. Joanna and Norbert Kloza, Tomasz Koj, Adrian and Lucja Dusek-Francuz, Father Bartlomiej Kuznik.

Jadwiga with Radio Katawice, interviewing Adeline Ciomperlik, who still speaks Polish and just celebrated her 65th wedding anniversary!

Animate Mazurek and Elaine Mazurek Stephens

Animate Mazurek and Geraldine Piegza

Adeline Ciomperlik and Animate Mazurek

Dorothy Pawelek and Monsignor Franciszek Kurzaj "Father Frank"

Visiting the Polish booth in Texas - all the way from Katowice

Animate Mazurek and Elaine Mazurek Stephens

Geri and Father Frank discuss the fact that we are running out of pierogi for the day!

Father Frank, Animate Mazurek & Robert Piegza


To see more pictures click here:

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The Bandera County Historical Commission hosted a Western Trail marker dedication at the Western Trail Heritage Park in Bandera on Friday, May 18. Cecil and Tony LeStourgeon, members of the Historical Commission, donated the stone for the rock pedestal and labor for the marker. Roy Dugosh introduces the plaque dedication.

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Pictures and movie made by Radek Dimitrow/NTO

To see more click here:

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UEFA European Football Championships are held every four years. They consist of three stages: qualifications, play-offs and final tournament. Qualifying matches are played in nine groups. In each of them five or six teams play a match and a return match with one another. Group winners and the best team from the second position are automatically qualified for the final tournament. Remaining eight runners-up enter the two-legged play-off that determines which team will enter the final tournament. Host team (or co-host teams) joins the teams that have qualified for the final tournament.

Final matches of European Football Championships will be held in Poland and Ukraine between 8th June and 1st July 2012. It is third time the final matches have been organised by two countries. Previously the final tournament was co-hosted by Belgium and Holland in 2000 and Austria and Switzerland in 2008.

The teams will compete for the title of European Champion in 31 matches which will be held on eight stadiums, four in Poland – in Gdańsk, Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław – and four in Ukraine – in Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkov and Kiev. The opening match will be played on 8th June in Warsaw and the final on 1st July in Kiev. All the matches will be broadcasted live to over two hundred countries all over the world.

The first competition for the football championship of the Old Continent was held in 1960 as UEFA European Nations' Cup. Team from the Soviet Union won this very first tournament having beaten Yugoslavia after an extra-time. By 1976 only 4 teams used to participate in the final tournament. Between 1980-1992 this number rose to eight teams, and as of 1996 - it has been sixteen teams. In the final tournament the matches are played in four groups. Teams from the first and second positions in each group enter the knockout phase. As of this stage the game proceeds according to the knockout system: the loosing team drops out. In the case of a tie an extra-time is added and if the two teams are still equal after extra time, the winners are determined by kicks from the penalty mark. In 1996 and 2000 "the golden goal rule" was applied in the finals of European Football Championships however the rule was abandoned and it is no longer used. Form of the tournament will change in the next European Football Championships in 2016 that will be attended by 24 teams. 


Official Euro2012 Polish Song


Official website in polish and english:


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Foto: Edek Dalibóg, OSP Strzelce Opolskie


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