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The Bandera County Sister Partnership (BCSPA) Board Members are featuring a display of photos in the county library that were taken during the 2011 Exchange visit to Poland and Ukraine.

Photos of the 2011 Poland Express exchange visit to Poland and Ukraine are on display at the Kronkosky Library on Main Street in Bandera, Texas. The photos demonstrate the exchange of culture, special events, schools, dipolmatic, and historical events with Sister Partners in Strzelce Opolskie, Poland and the Tysmenytsia District in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in Ukraine.

Bandera County residents, friends, and polish descendants are encouraged to view the photos.


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czwartek, 22 września 2011

If you noticed one of previous notes, Janusz Berdzik, who had been in Bandera last year, spend his summer holiday on the bike. He cycled in Spain and Portugal.

- In Santiago the Compostella I had my Hammer Fest T-shirt, gift I received in Texas – Janusz said. – Suddenly some Asian-look-like guy asked me about this T-shirt. He asked if I got any contacts with Texas. I told him at first I don’t speak good English but I speak German. I was lucky – he was German! I told him I got friends in Texas, I’ve there last year. This guy knows Hammer Fest and recognized logo on the T-shirt! World is such a small village nowadays.

Bellows 4 pictures of Janusz during his trip.

- In the most important moments on my trip I hed red-and-white polish shirt or Hammer Fest T-shirt – Janusz said.


Niesamowita historia! Janusz Berdzik w czasie swojej letniej wyprawy rowerowej po Hiszpanii i Prtugalii, często nosił koszulkę, którą dostał w zeszłym roku w Teksasie. Była to koszulka charytatywnego rajdu rowerowego Hammer Fest, który odbywa się w miejscowości La Vernia. Tegoroczny odbył się w miniony weekend (patrzy kilka wpisów temu). Gdy był na końcu swojej trasy, w Santiago de Compostella, podszedł do niego skośnooki facet. Spytał po angielsku, czy on - Janusz - ma jakieś związki z Teksasem. Janusz wytłumaczył mu, że po angielsku będzie im ciężko się dogadać, ale po niemiecku... Facet okazał się być Niemcem. I znał ten rajd rowerowy z La Verni! Dlatego do Janusza podszedł. Cóż, przez globalizację świat to mała wioska :)

Poniżej kilka fotek z wyprawy Janusza. Jak sam napisał mi w mailu " Jak widać, w najważniejszych dla mnie momentach tegorocznej wyprawy zakładałem koszulkę biało- czerwoną albo Ich, z La Vernii".

In Fatima / W Fatimie

In Santiago de Compostella in front of John Paul II Center runs by polish monk father Roman Wycisło / Santiago de Compostella przed ośrodkiem prowadzonym przez polskiego zakonnika, ojca Romana Wcisło

Santiago de Compostella on the square in front of St. Jacob’s cathedra / Santiago de Compostela, na placu przed katedrą św. Jakuba

In front of cathedra’s door / przed drzwiami katedry św. Jakuba

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Stowarzyszenie Kraina Św. Anny i Izba Przyrodniczo-Leśna i Leśne Arboretum przy leśniczówce Jaźwin w Nadleśnictwie Zawadzkie jako laureaci etapu wojewódzkiego Konkursu na Najlepszy Produkt Turystyczny mają zaszczyt zaprosić Państwa do oddania głosu w ogólnopolskiej edycji konkursu organizowanego przez POLSKĄ ORGANIZACJĘ TURYSTYCZNĄ  na Najlepszy Produkt Turystyczny 2011.

Głosuj na Krainę św. Anny:

Głosuj na Izbę Przyrodniczo-Leśną i Leśne Arboretum przy leśniczówce Jaźwin:

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Zwróćcie uwagę na 7 minutę filmu - widać platformę naszych przyjaciół z Bandery. Przygotowali polską koronę dożynkową i kwiatowy herb Tyśmienicy na Ukrainie.

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Pictures by Błażej Duk

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The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Lone Star Chapter is proud to announce that the beloved Hammer Fest bicycle ride has been saved from extinction and will now help raise funds to cure Cystic Fibrosis. By merging the La Vernia Wild West Hammer Fest and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Aptalis CF Cycle For Life®, you get a winning combination: proven bike routes, a family-style celebration, and the satisfaction of knowing you are making a huge difference for the 30,000 children and adults suffering from Cystic Fibrosis.

Aptalis CF Cycle For Life® is a one-day bike tour that is fully supported with stocked rest stops every 10-12 miles, support and gear vehicles, on-site medical services, mechanical support, and more. Choose from three mileage options: 35 miles, 53 miles or 65 miles.

In addition, there will be entertainment and post-event festivities for the entire family beginning at 10 a.m. Enjoy great food, festive music, children’s activities, vendor booths and much more while raising awareness about this life-threatening disease that affects the lungs and pancreas of area children like Bryce, a nine-month old CF patient who attends Little Bear Love Child Care Center in La Vernia when his health allows.

The 5th Annual La Vernia Wild West Hammerfest at La Vernia City Park. Over 600 riders. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Lone Star Chapter did a great job!

Some of our friends took part in this ride – Ronny Stephens, Elaine Mazurek Stephen's husband and David Jureczki! Both ale bicycle lovers :) and of course they had no problem on the ride. Good job boys!

Pictures by: Elaine and David (copied from FB).

First on left - Ronnie Stephens

Second on left - Laura Krawietz Dylla

First on left - Ronnie Stephens

Scott Bolin and Elaine Mazurek Stephens


David Jureczki

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FYI! Something I've been working on for the last month or so! 

Actually have some water dripping off my roof right now so need lots of prayers for more and more rain!  This is what a lot of Bandera County looks like right now! Sad but she will recover!  

Drought conditions in mostly the eastern part of Bandera County! The western part of the county is dry too and the Sabinal River is no longer flowing out of our county. No flow on the North Prong of the Medina River. Williams Creek, Hondo Creek and the Seco Creek are all dry too!

Bruce Eliker

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Shrinking the distance between two counties with good will and generosity, Bandera ISD students put their best feet - and boots - forward to help their neighbors in fire-ravaged Bastrop County.

In response to an email plea for help from Bastrop ISD last week, Bandera High School Principal Gary Bitzkie called upon all students to support those who had lost everything in the fire that continues to burn. More than $4,000 was raised in just two days through fundraising efforts from all campuses.

“When I got the email, 10 teachers' homes, the principal's home and many students' homes were burned. About 100 homes were affected; now it's up to 1,500,” Bitzkie said.

Each campus sponsored a crazy hat day and put out firemen's boots for donations. Bitzkie said many kids took advantage of the fun, some just donated what pocket money they had.

“In two days, we raised a little over $4,000. How these kids poured their hearts out to Bastrop is just amazing,” Bitzkie said. “I think the kids felt that this place is just down the road from us and it is just devastated.”

Hill Country Elementary raised $1,005.57, according to Secretary Sherryl Jewett.

“I spent the whole day counting money,” Jewett said. “We were completely excited.”

Alkek Elementary raised $1,051.55, according to Principal Scott Tipton.

“We had a fireman's boot that was put out at the parent pickup loop. We had several faculty members who just pulled out their checkbooks,” Tipton said.

The Alkek PTO donated funds, as well as the High School student council and the coaching staff. Bitzkie said the money will be donated to Bastrop High School as a student council gift, and it will then be put toward the Bastrop Fire Relief Fund.

“I am so proud of our students,” Bitzkie said. “It's amazing. Absolutely amazing.”


Direct link to this artice:

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Clara, Neil and Lavonne Snavley in Poland!

Almost one week the Snavley family spends in Poland. They were visiting Warsaw, Poznan, small city Nowa Wieś Zbąska near Toruń, where they found a grave of Wiśniewski – probably some of Clara's ancestors. Then the drove to Frankfurt (Germany), and back to Poland – to Wrocław and to Strzelce and Rozmierz.

Clara, Neil and Lavonne stay with family Skrzypczyk in Rozmierz. Ewa, Zygfryd and Tomek Skrzypczyk, together with Józef Drewniok (also from Rozmierz) were Snavley's guests in 2010 in Texas.

Tuesday, 13th of September, Snavley's visited Strzelce Opolskie. They spend day with Wojtek Bocian, who was their guests 3 years ago. Clara, Neil and Lavonne visited city center, some shops, together with Danuta Foryt ate icecreams. In the evening, in one of restaurant, Snavleys met: Wojtek Bocian, his sister Ania and her three kids - Patryk, Maciek and Weronika, Wojtek's mather – Małgorzata, Radek Dimitrow, Danuta Foryt, Wiesław Paczkowski, Piotr the Ponytail Smykała and Agnieszka Texas Agnes Pospiszyl. We had a dinner and a long chat...

Today (Wednesday) Snavleys are going to visit castle of Moszna. Thursday they will drive to Auschwitz and Krakow, Friday will go to Warsaw and Saturday morning they will fly back to Texas...

Clara, Lavonne and Neil - was so great to meet you in Poland but why you were here for so short?! Wish you safe flight home and hope to meet you soon – in Texas or in Poland!

Pictures by Peter the Ponytail Smykała:

From left: Lavonne, Clara and Neil Snavley in Strzelce Opolskie

Clara and Neil with Wojtek Bocian

Together with Danuta Foryt bying icecreams

Smiling woman :)

Wojtek and Neil

Wojtek, Clara, Neil, Lavonne, Danuta

Wiesław Paczkowski, Lavonne Snavley, Anna Bocian with her 3 kids - Patryk, Maciek and Weronika, Wojtek Bocian with her mum Małgorzata, Agnes Pospiszyl, Piotr Smykała, Clara Snavley, Danuta Foryt, Neil Snavley and Radek Dimitrow

Lavonne and Clara happy with gifts - ring with turquoise and amber's bracelet

Clara with kids - Patryk, Maciek and Weronika

Clara, Neil and Radek

You want to try my potatoe's pancake? Help yourself :)

With Skrzypczyk family in Rozmierz. From left: Tomek Skrzypczyk, Zygfryd Skrzypczyk, Lavonne Snavley, Neil Snavley, Clara Snavley and Ewa Skrzypczyk

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